Arlington Spec Suites with a Twist

January 5, 2017

Anna Shaffer

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New Tech Suites at 1010 N Glebe Drive Offer Customizable Design


The continued growth of the DC area’s tech community is spurring some landlords to up the ante and go beyond just the splashed concrete and exposed ceilings.

1010 N Glebe, otherwise known as the One Ballston Plaza, has recently delivered 6 new suites unlike traditional pre-built spec suites. With the slogan, “Office Space Tailored to You,” these tech suites are aimed to accommodate 10-30 people and can be customized to embody your company’s personality and culture.

Each suite comes with a “Base Package” including pre-selected carpet tiles, woodgrain veneer pantry finishes, recessed lighting and glass enclosed conference rooms within the predominantly open floor plan. The suites can then be further tailored based on a range of pallets and fixtures that fall within in one of three proposed categories; i) The Penthouse, ii ) The Studio, or iii) The Loft.

The Penthouse is the most formal of the three, with an upgraded polished look and feel. These suites are ideal for client-facing organizations and are finished with light, airy and subtle with a hint of pattern.

The Studio is bright and bold. My personal favorite as it pops with vibrant colors. It radiates energy for all those working within its walls and could be the ideal pick for design and graphic firms who look for inspiration from geometric patterns and energetic space.

The Loft is modern with an industrial, urban feel. Think Restoration Hardware, with a wood-burning stove and collaborative worktables. This comfortable and cozy space is ideal for innovative start-ups who are likely to host their brain storming meetings sitting in relaxed sofas and spewing out innovative concepts on their white paint walls.

All three options have the open kitchens, exposed ceilings and funky accent walls. But, Meridian, a local, forward-thinking ownership, has gone the next few steps. Realizing that an entirely open space is efficient but lacks a certain level of privacy, these tech suites offer call rooms where individuals can eliminate the background noise that often comes with an entirely open environment.

The perks don’t end within the suite walls. A few of their choice suites have private outdoor terraces exclusive for the tenant. The building is also flush with amenities that include a fitness center with brand new equipment on the 2nd floor, which is unlike basement fitness centers that are often an afterthought and a means to fill unleasable space. There is also a tenant only conference center and two tenant lounges – one on the 2nd floor and one on the 7th floor. Each lounge is built out a bit different; one is adorned with colorful accent walls and bright, modern furniture and the other has a slick Vegas-feel with sleek black counter tops, break out rooms, wifi, and flat screens adorn the textured accent walls. 


Needless to say, these suites deserve a visit. Give us a shout to find out if you are more of a Penthouse, Studio, or Loft-like organization.

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